We offer a full range of services encompassing the entire scope of developing leaders, teams, and organisations. If there is something missing here which you need, please let us know. Our services are available on both flat fee and time and materials bases. Contact us to discuss your needs and our pricing details.

Coaching & Mentoring

Be the Change Coaching: We provide integrity-based coaching to leaders, facilitators, and wellness practitioners who want to make a significant change in their own life in order to make a positive change in the world.

Team Coaching: We provide in-person and virtual support to a team, facilitating retrospectives as required and working with key team members to help them develop their practice of Sociocracy, Lean, Agile, and/or integrity-based leadership.

Leadership Development coaching: We provide a one-to-one depth coaching program for new leaders or leaders who are acquiring the new skills required for success in Agile, Lean, sociocratic, or similar “teal” workplace environments.

Lean Startup coaching: If your business is a startup, or you are launching a new product, you may benefit from using the Customer Development framework first laid out by Steven Blank. We coach entrepreneurs through developing business model hypotheses, engaging with early evangelists, making sales, developing a marketing system, and developing an organisation.

Mentoring for Transformational Leaders: We offer long-term mentoring for leaders and consultants who are committed to creating workplaces and communities where everyone can be powerful in a way that enhances the power and wellbeing of everyone involved.


Large Group Process Design: We know what works in large groups processes, and why. Whether you want a brief chat about process design, or an in-depth script for every bit of your event, we can help you get the design you need.

Large Group Facilitation: Whether you want a successful Annual General Meeting, a community engagement process, or a multi-day conference, we can provide facilitation, record-keeping, and all the necessary support technology, or we can guide your team in providing the necessary services to produce a participatory and inspiring event. We can bring together Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Sociocracy, and Appreciative Inquiry, among other process options.

Agile Retrospective: Is your team learning together effectively? Do you know what’s happening? Do you have a method for running quick short-term experiments, with full buy-in from the team? We run agile retrospectives to help teams gain these benefits for themselves.

Lean A3 Process: If you want a disciplined approach for systems thinking and creative problem-solving, the Lean A3 process is a good one. We can coach you or your teams through the process, and facilitate the group processes where these come up in the process.

Sociocratic Circle Method: Turn conflict into creativity. Sociocracy offers simple group decision-making and powerful participatory design for groups of any size. We can design and facilitate these processes with you and your team.


Introduction to Sociocracy: This two-hour workshop includes history, theory, and an experiential introduction to sociocratic consent-based decision-making and design.

Introduction to Facilitation: This half-day training covers the inner fundamentals of leading group processes, the basic processes of sociocratic decision-making, and some intermediate techniques, in a highly experiential workshop.

Sociocracy Practitioners’ Training: This two-day training can also be delivered as a series of ½ day events or in other formats. This covers the basics of Sociocracy, using experiential exercises, games, examples from your workplace, and some theoretical instruction.

Bespoke training: We specialise in creating bespoke experiential sessions which focus on the practical skills your team needs to master next.

Consulting, Design, & Guided Transformation

Experience & Workflow Design: To deliver predictable results, you need a predictable process. We can help you design it, using tools from Sociocracy, Lean, and game design.

Organisational Structure Design & Build: Organisations can design themselves, but a standard design language and experienced experts can help. We can work with your management team and with as much of your organisation as required in order to find workable solutions and an experimental path to reach them.

Troubleshooting & Conflict Resolution: We provide mediation and relationship coaching. We can help you identify the systemic issues and address them together.

From Struggle to Satisfaction: Journey to the Genius Organisation

  1. Taste Test: Get a basic introduction to Sociocracy and the other disciplines which drive our work, through training, coaching, or facilitation for your team. Decide whether this approach is for you, and how we should do it in your context.
  2. Fueling (One Good Team): Develop between one and three teams with our support, so they are fully benefitting from Sociocracy, Agile, Lean, and other allied disciplines. Develop a group of experienced users, who can be resources for others in your company.
  3. Ignition (Going Company Wide): Extend training and other support to all of your company, and as each team becomes an effective sociocratic circle, connect it using the top-down and bottom-up double-links which make Sociocracy a uniquely effective way of organising.
  4. Launch (Developing Mastery): Get key leaders in your company a consultant-level grounding in the principles and practices of your new way of working. Decide which of the recommended advanced practices to apply in your organisation, and apply them one at a time at a rate of change which works for your company.
  5. To the Stars (A five year mission: to explore strange new worlds…): Enjoy the benefits. Take more holiday, or give more time to creative projects. See what happens when your company is a learning organisation which organises itself. Where will you go? We’ll be there if you need us.