Our Purpose

Genius Engine exists to build a world where everyone enjoys healthy power.

We drive the development of healthy power in people who make a big impact in the world (or who want to), and in organizations that have a clear and positive purpose (or which are trying to find one).

Our services include coaching, facilitation, training, and consulting, but the greatest value comes from the lasting transformation which our clients create for themselves with our support.

Our Clients

We serve individuals, organizations, and communities.

Most of our individual clients are founders or owners of organizations, digital creatives, or wellness professionals. They tend to be people who know they are having an impact, and who already have some kind of an interest in mindfulness or personal growth.

Most of our organizational clients are tech companies, cooperatives, or nonprofits. They have a clear purpose, or are working to clarify it. The leaders who bring us in know that having an engaged workforce of healthy, happy, powerful people will be the key to their success.

All of our clients are people who are building a better world through a passionate commitment to service, and who know that they will succeed by making the people around them more effective as well.

What our clients appreciate

Our clients, colleagues, and partners love us for being smart, curious, fun and engaging. We bring life-changing concepts down to a useful, usable level through experiential learning, and engage the people around us to level up their thinking, their feeling, and their integrity.

We have helped people launch startups, transformed organizations, trained facilitators, designed computer games and apps, mentored business leaders, and invested in companies.

How can we help you?

Our Founders