What our clients love about working with us.

Where transformation happens

“Congruent, powerful, safe, playful, knowledgeable, interested, interesting, loving and lovable. This is Nate and this is Nate’s work. I don’t think anyone could be around Nate and not feel this. His workshops are infused with the same energy – this is the space where transformation happens.”

Michael Bailey, Senior Developer at Pragmatic Web Limited

Inspiring integrity

“Nate has dedicated himself to the study of integrity which provides great depth and inspiration for all his work. […] Nate’s understanding of positivity and his framework for integrity inspire my own personal development.”

Alan McNeil Jackson, Co-Founder, Aptivate

Sustained change for a thoughtful leader

Nate’s monthly coaching sessions have helped me think beyond day-to-day work issues to explore and challenge my workplace attitudes, beliefs and frameworks so that I can achieve sustained change in a more enduring way, and bring people with me.

     I particularly like Nate’s keenness to coach outside the office [where] I find it easier to think clearly without distraction and talk frankly.”

Eric Clack, Co-Founder, Bright

Inspiration and lasting results

“Nathaniel is an inspiration to work with – I’ve seen great evidence of concrete and lasting results from the work he’s done with other companies as well as my own. His approach is formative, playful, magical and professional all rolled into one.

     I’d recommend him to anyone that needs to see the wood for the trees and find a fruitful path to follow for their own career, project or company team.”

Ellen De Vries, Content Strategist at ClearLeft