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What is Genius?

This is the first of a series of posts on genius, and genius organizations. Enjoy! At Genius Engine we define genius as “the ability to create remarkable value”. We say that genius is an ability to create value, because we are not interested in an abstract definition that ignores the context of a person’s or […]

I Love Games – especially games that are great businesses, too

Cross posted from the DecisionLab.org.uk blog. I love games.  Jane McGonigal gave a TED talk on her inspired plan to get us all playing socially transformative games — brilliant — but as she so clearly describes, the idea is not new (watch her talk for the stunning and archaeologically supported premise that the Roman Empire […]

The Gamification Bubble

Cross posted from the DecisionLab.org.uk blog. People are talking a lot about using games to drive business. Do people really feel overwhelmingly attracted to badges and leaderboards? Well, no. We want many things, and little digital badges perhaps least.  We want the things the badges represent, if we want the badges at all.  Business-people that […]