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Integrity in the Organization

We often talk about — or hear about — companies and leaders and integrity.  Integrity is frequently defined as “acting in accord with high moral values” or the like.  I prefer a completely different definition which often has the same effect.  I prefer to speak of integrity as wholeness. In this article, I will focus […]

Developing an Effective Sociocratic Organisation

A Two-Day Introduction to Sociocracy for Practitioners Click HERE to register Course Summary Healthy organisations rely on a strong shared purpose and great relationships, where trust makes space for innovation and where passionately engaged workers can take the lead in their areas of expertise. Sociocracy is a proven way of running (and re-designing) an organisation, […]

Laird’s Critique of Sociocracy

Dear Laird, I just read your blog post: http://communityandconsensus.blogspot.dk/2014/08/critique-of-sociocracy.html First, I want to say that I feel happy when I see your name on the page — it’s great to think of you again, and I deeply respect your expertise as a facilitator. I have enjoyed working with you in the FIC and elsewhere. Second, […]

Moving Together: Teaching the Principles of Sociocracy through Physical Play

I enjoyed leading an experiential session for the IMTA (International Movement Teachers’ Association) in early June — at the moment I’m calling it “Moving Forward Together — Experiencing the Principles of Sociocracy through Physical Play”. I’d like to share some brief rough notes with you on how that process worked; please feel free to experiment […]