What We Do

Genius Engine offers business training and consulting, angel investing, coaching, facilitation, and board advisory services, drawing from a variety of existing systems and making up the best new thing on the fly. We enjoy looking at everything through the lens of games and game design principles, to make companies into games that everyone wants to play—customers, workers, investors, and managers. Some of the disciplines we apply in this way are Lean (lean startup and lean manufacturing), Embodied (conscious life and relationship skills, embodied intelligence and integrity practices), Agile (project management), and Dynamic Self-Governance (aka Sociocracy), plus Appreciative Inquiry, living systems analysis, and others.

We help people have a great time making life awesome for their customers.

We make fun of work.

We enjoy warm collaborative creative relationships with entrepreneurs and executives. If you’d like to play together with us, set up a call; an experienced member of our team will connect with you to explore the possibilities, and if we see a way we can help then we’ll say so.

Generate Vision & Assess Your Needs

Are you ready to get clear about where you’re going? Want to talk to someone who understands what’s in the way? Wishing for some clear simple actions you can take to move forward?

Build a Genius Organization

Are you growing consciousness and integrity in business? Perhaps already practicing a discipline like lean, agile, embodiment, sociocracy, or appreciative inquiry? Want to integrate other best practices, or dive more deeply into the ones you already have? Would you like support in developing Your Company’s Own Way? Curious to transform your business and lead the global well-being economy?

Become a Great Mentor

Are you ready to share what you’ve learned with others in the world? Can you support other leaders and help transform their businesses? Will you participate in building a global learning community of conscious and visionary entrepreneurs and executives?

Are you ready to start?

Get in Touch to Schedule a Call!

A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.

— James P. Carse —

Our Team

Playful + Professional = Awesome at Work.

Nathaniel 'Nate' Whitestone

Chief Consultant

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Nathaniel 'Nate' Whitestone

Gavin 'Gav' White

Founder; Grand Poobah

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Gavin 'Gav' White

Susan 'Suz' Gillespie, PhD

Chief Skeptic

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Susan 'Suz' Gillespie, PhD

What people say

  • I was amazed at how quickly and easily the Genius Engine approach drew out new creative ideas, captured long-term vision for possible businesses that have never existed before, and synthesized those dreams into a small, easy concept to test with customers. Their system is like magic.

    — Gay Hendricks —
  • Hiring Genius Engine was one of the best decisions that GoPure ever made.

    — Justin Milano —
  • … your approach to executive coaching seems similar to mine, though I am much more covert about it. I speculate this may be because I generally work with an older demographic than you.

    — Anonymous Consultant —



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